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stack lg  pan

PanStand saves space and enhances design

Old style washer pans collect dirt, take up more space and not made for front loading laundry.

PanStand was developed for front loading laundry.

Easy access to the trap and drainage pump

Elevated the washer to protect the electronics installed at the bottom of the washer

Exclusive air-flotation protects the floor (no dragging in and out place for installation or service)

5 inch height allows for a counter top to be installed above or the washer dryer to be stacked and controls still accessible 

Old Style Safety Pan Shown Below

In the picture an old style pan was used. When service is needed it will have to be lifted and dragged across a wooden floor. Simple access to the trap and drainage pump is not accessible.

With the washer in the pan it is hard to keep free of dirt and mildew.

The photos on the left where PanStand was used see how easy it will be to keep clean. When maintenance and service is required using the blower of a shop vac the units can be moved to an open are without dragging across the floor.

old pan

See the space saved No tools required for installation

PanStand inside washer pan 1

The photo above shows how much space is saved using PanStand. Fast easy installation can be done at the same time the laundry is delivered. The lip around the side rails protect the washer from "walking". Ideal for tight spaces.

Designed with the user in mind our 5 inch height makes loading and unloading easier and allows the dryer to be stacked onto the washer.