Space & Design Details

See the difference in the photos on the right side of the page using PanStand

The photo below shows the old style pan that makes it difficult for service and maintenance collects dirt and the area around is difficult to keep clean. It is also connected to a separate drain line. 

Photos on the right shows the difference. Now the area will be easy to keep clean. No extra drain line

If vent cleaning needs to be done 1 person using the blower of a shop vac can easily move the laundry out when installed on PanStand.

PanStand adds design and added useful space, protects electronics and our exclusive air-flotation protects floors from being scratched and people injured lifting the laundry. PanStand is the only washer safety pan design for front loading laundry.


stack from hall
goodwin 2

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closet with PanStand
Crystal Plaza stack in closet with Panstand
The Groves2
LG white stack