NOW ONLY $189.95 Can Contain up to 6 US gal. Sensor Actived Pump Kit Extra

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Common Questions Answered

PanStand with optional sensor activated pump kit is a product that allows Consumers to 

1. Have protection from a leaking washer or condensing dryer  6 US gallon reservoir 

2. Easily move the appliance in tight restricted spaces by one person without strain 

3. To have a custom “built in” look and feel while allowing for easy access to hookups and for maintenance 

4. Have front loading washers and dryers meet ADA compliant height. 

5 Have water leaks automatically disposed of without any additional plumbing requirements such as drain lines and traps. 

6 Completely recyclable 

7. No tools required for installation

8. Allows the washer and dryer to be stack on the PanStand Saving Space


Why build a new safety pan? 

Front load washers are not the same as top loading laundry

Adding a pedestal to front load laundry and sitting in a pan does not make sense.

 Why only available in Black?

All Whites are not the same. Our Black texturized onyx blends in and stays new looking year after year.

Who needs PanStand? Anyone with laundry that

1. Needs to have water control to meet building code, insurance requirements, or personal desire.

2. Wants to be able to easily move their laundry for repair, maintenance or housekeeping 

3. Need the load door to be elevated for ergonomic advantage and ADA 611.4 compliance. 

4. Need to eliminate the associated cost and complexity of conventional pan drain plumbing


What problem(s) does it solve?  

 1. Installing in tight spaces 

2. Ability to access the washer trap and drainage pump 

3. Eliminates having laundry in a pan requiring lift in and out for installation and service. 

4. Eliminates the possibility for electrical damage of low mounted electronic control components. 


Any other Benefits?  At $189.95 PanStand is more than a pan.

PanStand can be used with 24 inch stacked washer and dryer. ELP's Exclusive air-flotation allowing one person to easily move the washer and dryer using the blower of a shop vac.

 Universal works with all brands, no additional plumbing and no tool installation.

 Washer sits above the reservoir in case of a leak and not in a pan.

Optional Sensor Activated Pump Kit for added protection only $149.95