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Can you access the door on the washer installed on PanStand?

Yes, We added a 1/8 inch lip to prevent the washer from walking off but still have access to opening the door to the trap and drainage pump

How much water will you pan hold?

Up to 6 US gallons. Compact Front load washers typically have 3 gallons in the tub during a wash cycle

Can PanStand float on carpet?

Sorry no. A solid surface is needed to float the laundry across the floor

Why is it only available in Black? Can it be painted?

We use the black textured finish as it blends with all the various colors manufactures come up with. 

Why not make a 10 or 12 inch product?

We looked at various heights and choose the 5 inch for a couple of reasons.

1. Compact laundry in a lot of cases is stacked in closets. The 5 inch keeps controls and the reach to the bottom of the dryer under 72 inches.

2. The 5 inch height makes all manufactures 24 inch front load laundry comply with ADA height regulation 611.4 that requires the bottom of the opening of the laundry compartment be a minimum of 15 inches from the floor.

3. A counter top can be installed 1/2 inch above the laundry creating a comfortable work space. see photo on the left

Want to Become a Dealer ?

PanStand is for

 Appliance Dealers that sell 24 inch front load laundry Only 1 SKU that works will all brands

Kitchen Dealers that want to enhance the look of 24 inch compact laundry and design compact laundry areas

Appliance Parts Distributors that call on appliance installers and service companies

Multi-family Appliance Distributors only universal safety pan that allows stacking 24 inch laundry( Apartment have less maintenance employees)

Appliance Manufacturers selling to multi-family compact laundry that need to meet ADA regulation 611.4

Plumbing Distributors PanStand  is the only universal safety pan designed specifically for 24 inch front loading laundry that has an optional sensor activated pump kit that can save time and space

Water protection is a must and we all want to believe that our washer will not leak but most manufactures state if the washer is being installed on an upper floor they recommend using a safety pan.

Interested in displaying PanStand contact me for details. PanStand does not require any addition floor space. PanStand sits under the laundry.

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