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Whirlpool has introduced their 24 inch heat pump dryer. I have not found the weight but if I compare the Blomberg heat pump dryer vs a vented dryer it is around 40 lbs. heavier making a stacked pair of laundry around 280 plus pounds to lift into a safety pan. 

Using PanStand the installers could hand truck the washer (165 lbs.)onto the PanStand level the washer.

2 persons lift the dryer (116 lbs.) onto the washer install the stacking kit and float the pair into place.

Here is a 40 second video showing an actual installation 

 Whirlpool and Blomberg appliance dealers this opens an opportunity for you as PanStand is the only product on the market that dealers can display without taking any added showroom space.

Front Load Laundry Does Not Belong in a Pan

Today all major manufacturers of laundry offer 24” front loading laundry.

In fact there are over 10 brands available today for the consumer to choose from.


Todays 24" front load laundry wash family size loads, save water and energy.


Very important in hi-rise buildings where safety pans (for the most part) are required, most safety pans are an obstacle when installing or servicing the equipment. PanStand makes moving the laundry easy even when stacked. Please watch the video of a GE stack set being installed.


When asked about the life cycle this is the response received from our US Manufacturer.


 Barring physical damage or exposure to high temperatures and/or aggressive chemicals, I would expect the panstands to last for decades. As a point of reference, current accelerated testing methods predict that today's HDPE pressure pipes will last much longer than 50 years.” We use the same materials and process in the manufacture of PanStands.


Our optional sensor activated pump kit provides added protection where it is required. PanStands 6 gallon capacity is 3 gallons more than the avg. 24” front load washer holds.


Here is a comment from an inspector in California that required more information about PanStand and sensor activated pump kit


“As we see more advancement in the construction world, having the information available to accept alternate methods and materials is a valuable asset to any community.”


Engineered Laundry Products, LLC offers opportunities for retailers

Make PanStand part of the sale. PanStand offers dealers an opportunity to add to the sale and provide the customer with a product that will outlast the laundry.

Today there are more 24 inch brands of laundry sold in the USA that full size laundry. PanStand was designed to work with all brands.

No added space is required to display PanStand. Textured black onyx finish stays new looking. 

1-855-252-2345 or e-mail  mpburk@elpproducts.com